Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rhubarb Muffins

My not writing in the last month hasn't been due to a lack of fabulous meals... There have been many!!

My favourite edibles over the last while have included...
-a zippy meal of tomato sauce, kale and baked eggs all in one pot
-Schnitzel from a place near where I live
-hazelnuts from the Chiliwack area
-early heirloom tomatoes with balsamic and Maldon sea salt
-an amazing chocolate cake with just as much butter as Lindt chocolate
-barbequed chicken with homemade barbeque sauce
-whiskey sours

Last Saturday the farmer's market near my house opened up. It's not one of the more busy ones in the city, and last year I kind of avoided it because I didn't feel like buying scones, knitted items, and cucumber and red peppers grown in an Abbotsford greenhouse...

But last week I went to see what was happenin' this year and my big find was the tomato man! Yellow, green zebra and red heirlooms have been my major purchases over my last two visits, and it shall continue until my own plants are making their own babies. The highlight of my day today is my market buys. I didn't get much (I am growing my own greens, and there isn't a whole lot else on offer this early), but I did get eggs and RHUBARB!! It's rhubarb time.

If you say you don't like rhubarb, I don't believe you. Maybe someone didn't cook it well for you. Stewed rhubarb... I imagine it could be done poorly. But when done well, with custard...or on granola..or ice cream... This is me encouraging you to give it a second shot!!!

This is a recipe from my mom, and god knows where she got it from. She would make these muffins every summer for us when we were kids; we used to go out and pick the rhubarb stems and pretend to fan each other or shade everyone from the sun. When I got a bit olded, we would boil chopped rhubarb and sugar down, add vodka and then freeze it in huge four litre ice cream pails for family barbeques. Highly recommended!!!!!

My favourite part of the muffin recipe below was and is the crunchy cinnamon sugar on top. This recipe also produces muffins, but a few years ago when I (questionably) did not own a muffin tin I would make it in a loaf tin and it was fabulous. So much so that I think tonight I will make it as a loaf again instead of muffins.
Good luck to all, and let me know how much you love them. Also let me know if you can't read the recipe!!

Enjoy June!!!!!!!!!

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