Thursday, January 6, 2011

the Bohemian Martha Stewart

was what I was going for when I started this blog.
It was a suggested name for a far in the future cookbook I could write (second suggestion: Noken in da Koken).

But my blog words haven’t been flowing very freely these days and I have been thinking about ‘revising’ a bit.

I’m thinking of going a bit more Martha for 2011. Not only is her food beautiful, she is happy to discuss entertaining, gardening, her pets and being crafty with me whenever I want. And I do all those things too!

Martha and I both have wonderful dogs (although mine is less fluffy and, in my mind, probably less bitchy than hers).
We both love to garden, although she has a massive vegetable garden and a staff and I have a patio and a one meter square community garden plot.
We are both crafty – if I went to prison I would probably knit myself a cape just like she did.

Give me time to get out my cookware line.. Martha has a few years on me yet.

There you go. Not only are there many more recipes in the months to come, but hopefully a few choice tidbits on a number of other topics.

Happy New Year!

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