Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy February!

Oh yeah. You see that? A little something to pique your memory...

I made apple cake tonight. For the first time in just under a year. I love it so much. I really really do. It's so easy to make, and then it tastes so ridiculously amazing.

I've been busy these days. I came home early from school today - it was raining out and my group (a guy and then a wacko who drives me nuts) and I had finished our Soils lab and all I wanted to do was go home and get my shit done. Full time school and two jobs doesn't leave any time for getting shit done, stuff like baking, re-potting plants and laundry (that's what I did today). As I drove home I contemplated what I could make this afternoon. Lentils with lotsa herbs and yoghurt crossed my mind (I had just filled my backpack with dill and flat leaf parsley, as well as swiss chard and cucumbers, from the greenhouse at school) but I was in the mood for lots of butter and sugar, finally settling on apple cake. Thats just what you do on a rainy day.

It also involved a walk to the grocery store for apples and then the movie store because on top of cake, I had a weird craving to watch The Devil Wears Prada. Unexplainable.
So I made it, and then I ate it. Only one piece so far, but I will have another for dessert. It's light and the sugar is super caramelized along the bottom but still not too sweet. Yummm...
Refresher? The recipe is here.

Over Christmas my sister asked me how come I haven't been writing on here anymore. No answer comes to me, just the lame-o excuse of "I'm busy". That's not gonna change, but I'm going to try and put more on here.

What have I done in the last few months...

Moved to North Van (away from the hipsters and in with the greatest guy), learned lots about plants, made lots of tomato soup and roasted vegetables, got lots of new knives for Christmas (!!), acquired a dog named Molly Ringwald, bought some new red shoes, snowboarded even though there was no snow, and found a Pho restaurant that has cheap Mondays - bowls of pho fo' only $4. It's been good.

Okaay...I have to make dinner. I still have left over Boursin cheese so I think I need to barbeque zucchini and peppers and broccoli and sprinkle the cheese on them all. And the swiss chard.

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